Sandy Point Dredge Committee

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In May of 2014 a group of Sandy Point residents began working to improve the entrance to our harbor which has become very difficult and dangerous to transit at all but high water.  The Sandy Point Dredge Committee has been incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation with a six-member Board of Directors operating under our bylaws.

We are now moving forward with an interior dredge plan.  The proposed dredge area is entirely within the harbor on privately owned land held in fee and will not include tideland or exterior dredging.

The Committee will share all financial information with contributors to assure that money is being spent responsibly.  We will also make the donor list public so those who are in support of the effort will be properly recognized.  We will withhold the names of those who wish to remain anonymous.

Thank you.

Sandy Point Dredge Committee Members

Vic Unick, Jim Kolbo, Ron Jepson, Kristi Hug, Jeff Mckay, Bill Parker, Mike Bredeson


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