The Whatcom County Hearing Examiner has set a date for our hearing.  The hearing will be held on June 15 at 10am and will determine if there is evidence, presented by Lummi Nation, to overrule Whatcom County’s issuance of our dredge permit.

The hearing is critical to the completion of our dredge project.  We will be defending the studies we have presented to show that the dredge is environmentally sound and will be completed without adverse impacts to the environment. Our legal, civil engineering, biological, and coastal engineering experts will present our case.

The letters written by our community members are part of the hearing record and will be reviewed by the Hearing Examiner.  Your input to the County, in support of the dredge, has been important in reinforcing the urgency of the dredge completion. 

We will be posting updates as the hearing date approaches.

Thank you for your participation,

Board of Directors,

Sandy Point Dredge Committee